The Story

Welcome to Psydeways. Psydeways is Sydney's leading clubbing, raving and doof wear shop - thus our slogan: Wear it out.

Psydeways is owned and operated by friends and partners Reg, Ann and Lee. If you're into the Sydney clubbing and doof scene you've probably seen us out and about because clubbing is our passion.

We started the shop from nothing. We have no retail experience, no fashion experience, and although we painted and decorated the shop from an empty shell, we have (make that had) no experience in that either. What we do have experience in is clubbing. Psydeways really is a shop owned by clubbers, for clubbers.

And we're not talking about house or funky house or RnB either. We're talking about real clubbing. Trance in all its forms. We like music with energy, real hands in the air, reach for the lasers, reach for the stars, dirt stomping music with grunt. And as a result you won't find stripy shirts and trucker hats in our shop. No no no. Come into Psydeways and we'll show you how to dress with individuality and imagination. Go on, be adventurous for a change.

What you will find in Psydeways is, well, pretty crazy stuff. It's really out there, the kind of clothing we just couldn't get here in Sydney and had to source from all over the world. We are also the only retail outlet Australia wide for Couch, and we stock other brands such as Psylo, Borderline and Space Tribe. We are constantly importing new shipments of stock and bring in only small numbers of each style so that you won't walk into a party looking like everyone else. We are also constantly on the lookout for new exciting designers.
But it's not all about importing overseas brands. We also stock individual items made by local designers. We have one off designs of the craziest fat pants you're likely to find, the fluffiest fluffy pants you'll ever see as well as a wide range of UV reactive jewelry hand made by locals. Our local designers are also happy to make your special dream outfit to your specifications, just come in and have a chat or drop us a line.

We are located at the southern outskirts of Newtown, and at this stage we have avoided entering the grubby world of advertising, preferring instead to let word of mouth do its thing. So far it has worked, and by doing this, together with our location, we have managed to keep the prices of our clothing reasonable. Drop into the shop some time and check it out. The vibe is friendly and kind of fun. You can buy many party tickets here, second hand CDs or just have a chat about music and partying. You'll probably find others doing the same.

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